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Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions

Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is an easy, cost-effective offer that provides qualified academic customers a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single, subscription agreement. It offers benefits such as assured coverage for desktop platform products with one annual count of employees (knows as the FTE), the ability to easily add additional products in any quantity, self-service tools for simplified asset management, and immediate access to benefits such as product upgrades through Microsoft Software Assurance so that you can boost the productivity of your faculty and staff and optimize the return on your technology investments. The pricing is a subscription based on Full Time Equivalent (or simple, FTE). This is a count of most of the employees in your intitution, see below for information on how to calculate your school's FTE.

Another incredible benefit of this program is the Student Advantage. When you license Office Professional Plus organization-wide for all of your faculty and staff employees, you qualify for no-cost Office 365 ProPlus subscription licenses for your students through the EES Student Option. So your students can use Office 365 on their home computers for free.

FTE Calculation


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Microsoft Open Academic License

Open License for Academic is a widely accessible and cost-effective way for small education institutions to license Microsoft software, starting with as few as five licenses. You simply determine the number of software licenses your institution wishes to acquire and then place the order. After obtaining licenses, you can download your software and license keys, or order installation media from us for a small fee. License confirmations are distributed electronically and posted on a password-protected Internet site. You also have the option to include Software Assurance with your licenses. Software Assurance provides extra benefits such as free unpgrades to new prodcuts and training resources.

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